Kwasi Imhotep (Milton Nixon)

Sunrise: November 26, 1944

Sunset: August 28, 2020

On August 28, 2020, Kwasi Imhotep transitioned from this life to the life that follows.  Kwasi (birth name: Milton E. Nixon) was born on November 26, 1944 in Norfolk, VA to parents Mrs. Lillie O. Person and Raymond Nixon.

Kwasi was an Air Force veteran and received his undergraduate and graduate education at Norfolk State University and the University of Southern California.  He worked many years as a professional for the Department of Defense in Washington, DC.

He was predeceased by his mother, Lillie O. Nixon, his father, Raymond Nixon, his brothers Raymond Nixon Jr. and Elmer Nixon.

He is survived by his loving wife of 58 years, Mrs. Jeanneatha L. Nixon, four children:  Timothy C. Nixon, Zoar H. Freeman (Alonzo), Dorcas A. Askew (Linwood) and Lillian O. Nixon; grandchildren LaKeith Ward, Aeysa Nixon-Bright (Kenny), Domonique Askew and Vision Griffin-Nixon, 8 great-grandchildren, 2 loving sisters: Villa Johnson and Doris Johnson, special nieces: Elaine Bailey and Fiata Jones, a special mentee: Jay Jenkins and a host of family and friends.

Kwasi was very proud to have been raised in the Berkeley section of Norfolk.  He happily reminisced on his Berkeley upbringing and participated in many events that celebrated Berkeley and its traditions.

After touring the ancient Afrikan grandeur of Egypt, Kwasi was very active in the community both as an organizer of Ancient Afrikan cultural events and as a teacher of Ancient Afrikan history.  He educated and influenced thousands throughout the country who were seeking knowledge of ancient Afrikan history and culture.  He was an adamant foe of the murderous atrocities committed against hundreds of millions of Afrikan people who were enslaved and slain by the adherents of Christianity and Islam.

Kwasi departed this life with no regrets in the full belief that he did all he could do to help his people to reclaim their ancient glory and only asks that those surviving him should do likewise.

Viewing Sunday, September 6, 2020 12 Noon - 5:00pm Metropolitan Funeral Service 120 W. Berkley Avenue Norfolk, VA 23523 Monday, September 7, 2020 9:00am - 2:00pm Metropolitan Funeral Service 120 W. Berkley Avenue Norfolk, VA 23523 Service Tuesday, September 8, 2020 11:00am Metropolitan Funeral Service Berkley Chapel Interment Carver Memorial Cemetery 2320 E Washington Street Suffolk, VA 23434 The family is following the CDC and State of Virginia guidelines for funeral attendance

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  1. reply
    Greg Nixon says

    Uncle Kwasi,
    I just want you to know that you are loved and you will be missed not only for the many times that you’ve helped my family out but for the knowledge you shared with me when we lived in DC and growing up which has now made me a great man that I am thankful for because you shared a lot of knowledge and a lot of history with me and that history and knowledge gave me knowledge of self and it also show me that by using knowledge you do have power and now I use the same knowledge and wisdom that you gave me daily in my life and it has made me a powerful businessman and an entrepreneur and to you I am thankful for that and for all that you’ve done may you rest in power and love your nephew Greg

  2. reply
    PiAnkhi Kau Heru says

    Baba Kwasi, Your Transition affected me deeply and I am saddened by your lost. However, the Spiritual guidance that you provided to me and all of your students has had a profound and lasting effect on my life. May the Ntchru deem you True of Voice in the Double Hall of Maat and may you proceed in Peace to the West for Eternity. With Love and Adoration your pupil, PiAnkhi Kau Heru.

    • reply
      Sam Coston says

      To my cousin I would like to say I am going to miss you I want to miss the knowledge and I talked. May you rest in peace until we see each other again. I’m going to say goodbye to the body and hello to the spirit. Love you Sam

  3. reply
    Elaine Nixon Bailey says

    Uncle Kwasi, I’m so saddened by your transition. You and Aunt Jean gave me the most priceless gifts. You gave me your love, your time, and your knowledge of African history. When my father; your brother was away serving multiple tours in Vietnam and abroad; you and Aunt Jean gave me and my family the support to be strong. You showed me the true meaning of ” it takes a village”. And when I would thank you your response was” That’s what family is supposed to do”. I love and wil miss you ,as you go to be with our ancestors. I know that your Mother and brothers were glad to greet you. Rest in Peace. Your Neice Elaine Nixon Bailey

  4. reply
    Lillian Nixon says

    The best dad, and one of the most brilliant minds,
    I’ll love you forever and miss you always – Lilli

  5. reply
    Zoar Freeman says

    My beautiful Fada. I miss you terribly. My heart hurts. But, I’m thankful that you are no longer in pain. You’ve shown us what it is to fight with grace, how to go for what you want, how to overcome and excel, how to love and be generous, how to be proud of who we are as Black men and women. One thing that has always stuck with me is your saying “You just don’t do things for no reason”, meaning you must have a purpose for anything you do. I’ve tried to live my life with that in mind. You’ve definitely fulfilled your purpose and the Creator says “well done”. I miss just sitting in your presence. I love you

  6. reply
    Mrs Dorcas Askew says

    You tried to prepare us for this day a year ago, and I love you for that. I never imagined how devastating and lost I would feel. My heart is broken! I am missing you so much….this is hard.

    Thank you for loving me, for teaching me how to love oneself, and for loving your family. As you said in response to me asking you for Father’s Day gift ideas. Your response was “I guess I say nothing a lot of times because I really have everything I need, but if I don’t come up with anything, just you knowing that I try to be the best father I can be is gift enough for me”. I say you are the best father!

    I love you always,

    Your daughter/sunshine,
    Dorcas A Askew

  7. reply
    Kwanzaa Timothy Nixon says

    Pops I remember watching you accomplish many many things through out the years. From a minister in church to a dee jay on Wrap radio station! To a worldly student of African history to a black conscious man living in Amerikka ! You where loving but very stuff and you told me that a black man can and has achieved greatness! So it’s our responsibility to find our path and make it wide enough so our children can walk! I watch you evolve too a High Priest of consciousness too a Grandfather and Greatgrandfather! You said that stone sharpens stone. You always had something too teach and I always had a job assignment!👌🏾I now know that was your way of staying connected with me!You prepared me for this moment from when I was fourteen. You told me too write so this is it Great African soldier I solute .✊🏾Our Ancestors are smiling GrandMa Lillie is happy! Rest in total power Pops love ❤️ love love!Asalamalakum Kwanzaa Timothy Nixon

    • reply
      Kwanzaa Timothy Nixon says

      To my Mother and Father you both did a outstanding job raising the four of us. Providing great homes too live in and a work ethic that’s continuous. I’m so use to seeing my parents together it’s a hard adjustment now! But I feel your presence and I pray for Moms peace.✌🏾I give total thanks too both of you.One continuous LOVE.❤️

  8. reply
    joyce byrd says

    My prayers to the family I will always remember him and Stafford st. Where we all lived and where he called me joyceann.

  9. reply
    Vision Griffin-Nixon says

    Poppa I am so sad that you are not here! I cried when my daddy told me about you passing. I didn’t want you too leave us.My heart is broken. May you live in my heart forever. I hurt for grandma to. God bless you both.

  10. reply
    Bill Forbes says

    One of our great community treasures has transitioned to glory. In consideration of all the love and knowledge he shared, he will live forever in the minds and hearts of those he touched.

  11. reply
    Shanna Johnson says

    Uncle Kwasi (Milton) I love you with every breath of me.. u will always live in my heart.., you are a Hero UNCLE‼️ You won a perfect battle💪🏾!! Love you my BLACK Panther‼️‼️

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